Sikandar Hayat Khan

I started my educational career in Kot Ishaq, a pastoral village where the man made muddy houses, large green fields, open sky and the old traditional life was blessed with a standardized educational system at the M.H.Sufi Foundation, a platform where natural talent is nurtured according to its abilities.

Acquiring a degree in Graphic Design from the Punjab University, I now, by the grace of God, hold a list of achievements in Photography and Design that I earned through hardwork. I Recently won the All Pakistan United Nations Photo contest held in Karachi. I am a Winner of the All Pakistan Street Art Photography, the All Pakistan Photojournalism contest at Government College University, Winner of G.I.K.I Photo contest, Winner of All Pakistan Photography contest at EME, NUST, Runner up in the All Pakistan documentary contest by DAWN NEWS. I am also working with many internationally renowned design studios that are designing android/apple games.

Whenever I take a look at my achievements, It takes me back to the memory of my native village school (M.H.Sufi Foundation) which nurtured my abilities and gave me a belief that I could dream big and touch the sky.